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Prana Responsible Packaging Movement

Prana Responsible Packaging Movement

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When it comes to eco-friendly packaging, the first thing that comes to mind for a small business is switching from plastic to more natural materials like kraft boxes. Done. We’re good now, right? 
But sustainable packaging is a much more complicated and comprehensive topic. For example, plastic does cause a higher carbon footprint and is problematic for recycling, but paper often ends up in the landfill where its degradation rate slows. Paper also requires several times more mass to fulfill the same function as its plastic counterpart. Paper products indeed reduce carbon footprint compared to plastic, but increase impacts such as acidification and eutrophication. There’s no single, easy solution to the problem of packaging. 
Sustainable and responsible packaging has been a Mountain Mornings’ goal from day one. It has been a long and sometimes bumpy road, but I have been taking consistent steps. One of them is signing up for Prana’s Responsible Packaging Movement, joining brands like GSI Outdoors, Mountain Hardwear, Outdoor Research, Salomon, and my beloved Ambler who does Mountain Mornings’ caps (to whom I thank for spreading awareness about this initiative on their website).

Reusing packing materials

As much as possible, your orders are packed using materials and boxes that I have saved up from previous deliveries that have come to me. They might not always be the prettiest boxes, but hey, they make this planet prettier. 

Choosing sustainable packaging

If I can’t find an old box, I select sustainable packaging materials with recycled content. 

Thanking my customers in a sustainable way

I appreciate every order you place with Mountain Mornings, and I want to express my gratitude while making less impact on our environment. So I am
currently switching from saying “thank you” with stickers to using stamps and waterproof ink on your packages.

Eliminating address labels

Each vinyl sticker that you order is mailed in a kraft envelope. Your address is printed directly on the envelope instead of wasting an address label. 

Choosing thermal shipping labels 

I use thermal shipping labels to save on cartridges and ink. 

Minimizing unnecessary packaging materials and weight 

I carefully pack your orders using only what’s necessary and try to keep them as small and lightweight as possible. This means less waste materials and a lower carbon footprint – plus lower shipping costs to you. Win-win! 

 Ordering product samples before buying in bulk 

When ordering my supplies, I reduce the risk of creating waste by buying product samples first before investing in bulk quantities. 

Focusing on quality control 

I put a lot of thought and care into the creation and handling of my products to prevent returns, exchanges and damaged goods – that result in the use of additional shipping supplies. I encourage my customers to read my product descriptions carefully to help to prevent returns or exchanges. Feel free  to ask me any questions at hello@mountainmornings.ca before you place your order. 

Providing paperless receipts 

Since you have access to all your Mountain Mornings’ receipts online, you can just print what you really need. 

Educating myself 

Last but not least, I am setting aside time to understand the lifecycle of my product packaging such as material origin, material endpoints and carbon footprint.
sustainable packaging
I am always keen to learn, so if you received your order and think there’s more that I can do for sustainable packaging, please let me know at 
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