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How to plant the Plantable Greeting Cards

How to plant the Plantable Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards are an excellent way to make someone else's day! Whether it is a birthday, graduation, wedding, newborn or a simple way of sending encouraging words, a greeting card can say it all! But here's the downside. Glitters, metallic inks, photo paper, ribbons, velvet, etc., the list of non-recyclable material keeps growing and growing. It's just a small card, you say. "According to the Greeting Card Association, 90% of all US households buy greeting cards, with American consumers purchasing approximately 7 billion greeting cards each year. In the UK, a typical year sees over 2 billion cards sold. Between just those two countries, if the purchased cards were aligned end-to-end, they would stretch around the world 54 times."

The most special cards get saved for a lifetime, but that' not the case for most of them, which will end up in a landfill. But it doesn't have to be like that! What if I tell you you can turn your greeting card into a pot of fresh basil? And dust your favourite spaghetti dinner with it? That's all possible with Mountain Mornings plantable greeting cards! With those, your present goes far. Your loved ones will enjoy your special words on the card, and then when they plant the card, the paper will be composted, and the seeds will grow to basil!



A pot of basil



How to plant a plantable greeting card, instructions



When is the best time to plant seed paper?

The cards can be planted indoors year-round in a pot of soil near window that gets plenty of sunlight. 

How long does the seed paper take to grow?

You should see sprouts within 7-10 days. (the plants will grow at different rates depending on the surrounding conditions).

What if it doesn't grow?

All the cards are embedded with tested and approved seeds. The key, as in any instance of growing flowers from seeds, is to provide your plantable paper with a lot of light, water, and attention. The plants can sometimes just be finicky things and will not always grow the way we want them to. Keep in mind that seeds will act differently in varying environments, soil types, and climates.

I hope growing pot of basil from greeting card brings you joyful time. 

 Have you planted Mountain Mornings greeting cards? I'd love to see your results! Send me a photo to hello@mountainmornings.ca or share your photo on Instagram and tag @mountain.mornings!




info source: Botanical PaperWorks

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