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The Story of "What if"

I grew up in the heart of Europe- the Czech Republic. My childhood was full of friends, sport and time outside, and as long as I remember, I wanted to be a teacher. I went to a university and studied a secondary school teaching program.

Everything was lined up, and it all looked like that once I would graduate, I would find a job as a teacher and would live happily after ever until I woke up one day and started to question myself why I decided to teach. Was it because I really wanted to do it or because that was a profession I grew up around, so I just followed a known path? I started thinking about the other possibilities. What if I could do something else? What if I can explore, genuinely get to know myself, dare to dream and then follow that inner calling? It was so exciting but terrifying at the same time. I was young, all the doors were opened in front of me, but I felt lost. The path I thought I would walk on crumbled upon my feet, and now what?

I took a year off from uni and moved to Scotland, where I fell in love with its diverse landscapes, from the rugged mountain-tops to dense woodlands and glittering lakes. After a year, I came home to finish my master's studies, but I couldn't silence the inner voice inside calling for exploring new places and overcoming new situations I thought I would never be able to go through. I spent another year and a half in Scotland, studied for one semester in Slovenia, walked from French borders through Spain to Santiago de Compostela as a honeymoon, lived and travelled in New Zealand and moved to Canada in 2017. It sounds like a perfect life, but it wasn't always a great time. I feel a huge comfort in known and planned, and stepping outside of that brought a massive portion of anxiety. I found myself in very new situations where I had never been before, and the future uncertainty and not knowing how to navigate myself at that moment often leads to breakdowns many breakdowns. But slowly, one step at a time, I'm getting used to this, unlearning the urge to figure out everything right away and leaving a space for new, and looking forward to what comes next. I learnt to take my big dreams, split them into small pieces and then work on each part at a time. It requires a lot of patience and trust. I used to lack both, but every move from one step to another taught me both. What if I can do this? What if I can move just an inch more?

And that is how Mountain Mornings was created.

Mountain Morning has always been about "What if." 

What if I can draw my logo by myself?

What if I start sharing my illustrations on Instagram? 

What if I do a craft market?

What if I open an Etsy shop?

What if I create my own website?

What if....the sky is the limit. 

It has been ten years when someone asked me what my biggest fear is. I answered that I fear most going through a day without passion and joy from life. That fear hasn't changed. I might not know how my future will look like, but what used to be my biggest worry teaching me how to live in the present and be excited about the unknown.

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